The drama continues to unfold in the latest episode of the popular TV show, Kundali Bhagya. Tensions rise as Preeta finds herself in a heated battle against Nidhi. The episode brings suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists that will keep viewers hooked.

Nidhi’s Sinister Plans Unfold

The episode picks up with a tense confrontation between Preeta and Nidhi. As the two lock horns, Nidhi questions Nilesh about Preeta’s condition. Nilesh admits his failure in his task to eliminate Preeta, which only intensifies Nidhi’s frustration. Nilesh reveals that Karan had interfered, causing him to fail in his mission. Nidhi is concerned that Karan might have seen Preeta, and Nilesh assures her that he lied to Karan to avoid suspicion.

Nidhi’s desperation grows as she realizes that Preeta is still alive. Determined to eliminate Preeta, Nidhi hatches a new plan. She decides to disguise herself as a doctor and gain access to Preeta. Aarohi, however, warns Nidhi about the risks involved and the Luthra family’s watchful eyes.

Rajveer’s Concern Grows

Rajveer, on the other hand, is worried about Bani’s health. He learns from Palki that Bani suffered a fracture and had to be taken to the hospital. His concerns for Bani grow, and he later meets with Palki to inquire about Preeta’s well-being.

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Nidhi’s Dangerous Move

Nidhi’s determination to harm Preeta doesn’t waver. She disguises herself as a doctor and sneaks into Preeta’s ward. The tension escalates as she attempts to inject Preeta. Preeta, however, manages to stop Nidhi and accidentally triggers the alarm. The police are alerted, and chaos ensues.

Chaos Unleashed

As the alarm rings, Karan, Palki, Rajveer, and Shrishti rush to the scene. Preeta’s struggle to thwart Nidhi’s plans intensifies, and a chase ensues. Nidhi’s attempt to escape is short-lived as Karan catches up with her. He removes her mask, exposing her identity. Nidhi’s desperation escalates as she stamps on Karan’s foot and flees.

In a tense turn of events, Nidhi seeks refuge in the morgue, trying to escape the police. With the constable distracted, Nidhi manages to slip away and evade capture. Meanwhile, Shanaya contemplates her own plans to secure a wealthy marriage and uses Rajveer and Palki to her advantage.

The Drama Continues

The episode of Kundali Bhagya keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its intense confrontations, shocking revelations, and suspenseful chase sequences. As Preeta fights to protect herself and her loved ones, Nidhi’s sinister intentions and desperate actions promise to bring even more twists to the storyline.

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Disclaimer: This written update is based on the provided details and aims to capture the essence of the episode’s storyline. Actual events may vary as the episode airs.