In a heart-wrenching turn of events on the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Srishti confides in Gurpreet, unveiling Preeta’s tragic situation. She makes a shocking revelation that points fingers directly at the Luthra family, alleging their involvement in Preeta’s suffering. This episode takes an emotional twist as we delve into the turmoil that has gripped the beloved character, Preeta.

Key Highlights

  • Srishti exposes the Luthra family’s alleged role in Preeta’s current tragic state.
  • Preeta, suffering from severe attacks, is revealed to have forgotten her own son, Rudraksh.
  • Rajveer’s call to Mohit about Kavya’s snakebite incident sets the stage for dramatic developments.
  • Shaurya’s emotional struggle with Kavya’s decision to tie a rakhi to Rajveer brings tension to the Luthra household.
  • The mending of relationships as Karan and Rajveer reconcile, with Kavya’s heartfelt gestures.
  • Preeta’s revelation about suspecting Nidhi in the snakebite incident, and her desire to confront her.
  • The Luthra ladies discuss their plans for celebrating Krishna Janmashtami.

Preeta’s Tragic Situation

Srishti, burdened by the weight of sorrow, confides in Gurpreet about the heart-wrenching ordeal that Preeta is going through. She pulls back the curtain on a shocking revelation: Preeta has fallen victim to debilitating attacks triggered by the sound of drums. Even more distressing, Preeta seems to have forgotten that Rudraksh is her own son. Srishti firmly points the finger at the Luthra family, accusing them of being responsible for Preeta’s agony.

Rajveer’s Call to Mohit

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In a separate turn of events, Rajveer makes a phone call to Mohit, sharing the distressing news of Kavya being bitten by a snake. However, he reassures Mohit that Kavya is now safe and out of danger. Rajveer also divulges his plans to return home by evening, as Kavya intends to tie a rakhi to him. This revelation sparks intrigue, particularly for Srishti, who can’t help but be drawn into the unfolding drama.

Gurpreet’s Response and Shaurya’s Revelation

Gurpreet, showing her empathy, decides to postpone her meeting with Palki and acknowledges Srishti’s profound distress over Preeta’s situation. Meanwhile, Shaurya, a pivotal figure in the Luthra family, joins the household. He opens up about his emotional turmoil regarding Kavya’s decision to tie a rakhi on Rajveer’s wrist. Shaurya reveals that it hurt him deeply because, in the past, Kavya had only tied rakhi on his wrist. However, with Nidhi’s guidance, Shaurya begins to understand that this symbolic gesture does not redefine their relationship. Shaurya reminisces about Nidhi’s advice to eliminate Rajveer from their lives, foreshadowing potential conflicts.

Mending of Relationships

The episode takes a heartwarming turn as Karan extends his heartfelt apologies to Rajveer for unintentionally causing him distress. The two reconcile, signifying a mending of their relationship. Kavya, ever the peacemaker, surprises Shaurya and Rajveer with a Rakhi box containing two Rakhis. She ties a Rakhi to Shaurya’s wrist and presents him with a thoughtful gift card. Despite feeling embarrassed for not having a gift to give in return, Rajveer is reassured by Kavya’s affectionate gestures. They share an emotional hug, marking the restoration of warmth and unity in the Luthra household.

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Preeta’s Revelation and Krishna Janmashtami Plans

Srishti learns from Gurpreet that Preeta is now aware of Kavya’s snakebite incident and harbors suspicions about Nidhi being her attacker. Fueled by a desire to confront Nidhi and uncover her motives, Preeta makes a bold decision. She plans to visit the Luthra house, seeking answers and closure. Simultaneously, the Luthra ladies engage in a lively discussion about their upcoming celebrations for Krishna Janmashtami, contemplating the possibility of inviting Palki and Shanaya to join in the festivities.


The emotional rollercoaster of this episode of Kundali Bhagya unfolded on Zee5, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next thrilling installment of this captivating drama.