Actress Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, who recently bought herself a car, hopes to buy a house in Mumbai soon. She says, “I feel so good when I manage to tick off things on my bucket list. I started my journey from scratch and have done it on my own. It’s a different feeling when one does it on their own. I am very thankful and grateful. Along with making myself happy, I am also fulfilling the desires of my family, so the happiness is double.”

Priyanka, who moved to Mumbai after her stint on Bigg Boss 16, wants her family to shift here too. The Udaariyan actress says, “I want my parents to shift to Mumbai, but they don’t want to. We live in a joint family in Jaipur and my parents have everything set up there, along with their work. So they don’t plan to shift here unless, at some point in the future, they would want to retire and stay here with me.”

Earlier in an interview when we asked her if she does she miss living with her family? She had said, “It isn’t difficult for me to stay away from family. In today’s time, we have the technology to stay connected over calls and that’s why it is even easier. Apart from that, I started working early in my life at the age of 17. So I have been away from home for very long time due to work and now I have gotten used to it. The thing I really miss is mummy ke haath ka khaana.”