With the Dissolution of the Gangs in ‘Roadies 19’, the Game Takes a Turn

In the previous episode of ‘Roadies 19’, Gang Rhea secured three immunities for themselves, rendering most of the gang members immune to a vote-out for three turns. Loyalties towards the new gangs started to become apparent among the gang members, while some remained attached to the past.

Highlights from the Latest Episode: ‘Roadies 19’


A heated argument ensued between Piyu and Pallavi, who were previously part of the same gang (Gang Gautam). Piu accused Pallavi of crossing her boundaries on the sets of ‘Roadies 19’. Gautam, the gang leader, intervened and asked Piu to apologize to Pallavi for her insensitive remarks.


Vashu, who was originally a member of Gang Prince but now belongs to Gang Rhea, broke his promise of being a team player in the latest episode. Rhea’s gang members expressed their dissatisfaction with his betrayal during the vote-outs, and he was questioned for showing support to Prince.


Rajveer, from Gang Rhea, was voted out by 11 contestants in a nail-biting vote-out session. Following his exit, Sonu Sood announced that each gang leader would save one contestant from their respective gangs. As a result, Siwet, Bhoomika, and Akriti were put at risk. The following morning, the roadies embarked on a new journey to Sissu. While the majority enjoyed their trip, Siwet, Bhoomika, and Akriti engaged in a survival task at a pit stop. They participated in a challenge named ‘Pani Full Dabba Gul’, where they were buried in coffins and had to choose one contestant each to perform for them. However, all three of them successfully completed the task and reunited with the other contestants in Sissu.

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About ‘Roadies 19: Karm Ya Kaand’

‘Roadies 19: Karm Ya Kaand’ offers thrilling adventures featuring gang leaders such as Prince Narula, Gautam Gulati, and Rhea Chakraborty. The show airs on MTV and Jio Cinema every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm.