The episode 50 of Bigg Boss OTT 2 started with Salman Khan saying that now it is time for the Bigg Boss OTT 2 finale. Pooja asked Bebika if she follows her sister Alia Bhat on Instagram, to which Bebika replied yes. Pooja praised Alia’s humility despite having many followers and encouraged the youth to learn from her.

Abhishek and Avinash got into an argument over yesterday’s ration task. Abhishek demanded an apology from Avinash for causing them to lose the premium ration. Avinash, however, disagreed and stated that they still had basic ration.

Abhishek expressed to Jia that if he were to win the show, he would participate in Bigg Boss again. He also stated that Gautam Gulati’s season is his favorite among all the Bigg Boss seasons.

Elvish also got into an argument with Avinash over the ration task and criticized him for being egoistic and cold-hearted. Avinash responded by stating that Elvish’s words hold no meaning. Elvish used abusive language against Avinash and threatened to see him evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

Jad requested Elvish and Avinash to calm down and avoid spoiling the atmosphere during the final days of the show, as he believed it might be his last night in the house and he might get evicted the next day.

Abhishek advised Elvish not to use abusive language, especially in front of the girls. Elvish expressed remorse for his words but refused to apologize like Avinash.

Abhishek discussed with Elvish that both of them use inappropriate language in the show and they should be more careful about it. He reminded Elvish that the house has numerous cameras and they are constantly being judged.

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Abhishek gave a pendant to Jad as a farewell gift, believing that Jad might be evicted the next day. Bebika informed Avinash about the gift, but he disregarded Abhishek’s decision-making authority regarding who stays or leaves the show.

Avinash advised Elvish against using foul language. Elvish defended himself by saying that it is normal in their community. Avinash countered by saying that it implies they accept it as part of their lifestyle, to which Elvish agreed. Later, Elvish apologized to Avinash and they reconciled.

The housemates played a task where they had to throw mud at the person they believed had a “sinful jar.” Abhishek named Avinash and threw mud at him. Avinash named Elvish. Elvish named Bebika, but she initially refused to participate. However, after Bigg Boss intervened, she agreed and Elvish threw mud at her. Bebika named Abhishek and accused him of being disrespectful and compromising his morals in an effort to win the show. This led to a heated argument between them. Pooja was asked to name a housemate, but she refused, stating that she didn’t find anyone sinful. Instead, she expressed her desire to throw mud on herself. Pooja advised the housemates to stop disrespecting each other.

Pooja confronted Abhishek about his arrogance, citing her sister Alia Bhat as an example of someone with a large following who remains humble. This led to an argument between Abhishek and Pooja, with Pooja refusing to throw mud on anyone.

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Manisha named Bebika and accused her of being quarrelsome. Bebika refused to participate in the task, claiming it was a false narrative against her. Bigg Boss intervened and stopped the task, stating that there was no need to continue.

Abhishek complained to Manisha about Pooja belittling them, stating that he wouldn’t tolerate it. He asserted that he wouldn’t let anyone, including Alia Bhat or Pooja Bhat, belittle them. Abhishek expressed his dissatisfaction with Pooja’s lack of participation in the task and perceived bias from Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan reprimanded Bebika for not completing the task, stating that she seemed to be copying Pooja. He expressed his disinterest in wasting energy or talking to Bebika.

Bigg Boss informed Salman Khan that he had some questions to ask. Salman agreed to listen. Bigg Boss asked Salman about his social media followers, to which Salman didn’t know the exact number. Bigg Boss informed Salman that he had nearly 100 million followers across all social media platforms and received more than 10 lakh comments on each post in a short time. Bigg Boss explained that he asked these questions to teach the housemates about the difference between the real and virtual world.

Salman confronted Abhishek about his alleged indecent opinions about the show. He asked Abhishek to explain his statements. Abhishek clarified that his conversation with Jad about bringing audiences to the show had been miscommunicated. Salman gave Abhishek another chance to explain himself fully or else he would present video or audio clips of Abhishek’s statements.

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Salman reiterated Abhishek’s points and accused him of appearing arrogant. Salman advised Abhishek to stop playing the game solely to impress his followers. He taunted Abhishek, thanking him on behalf of JioCinema, Endemol, and the show, as according to Abhishek, the show is running because of him.

Salman criticized Abhishek for age-shaming Avinash and reminded him that if he can age-shame Avinash, he can do the same to anyone, including himself. Salman questioned Pooja about her low mood, and she emotionally expressed her disappointment with the kind of influencers that exist among the youth. Salman told Abhishek that even if he were to win the show, he would never understand the true purpose of the journey.

Abhishek defended his intentions, stating that they weren’t wrong. Salman decided to show Abhishek a video clip of his statements. After watching the clips, the other housemates became annoyed with Abhishek. Elvish advised Abhishek to speak humbly, as the video clips depicted him as arrogant and snobbish. Abhishek agreed, acknowledging that he had come across as arrogant.

Salman announced that the next day would be the last Weekend Ka Vaar of the show and that some guests would be arriving. He also revealed that the Bigg Boss OTT 2 finale would take place on Monday, August 14, 2023. The episode ended there.