Alex Hall doesn't 'give a f--k' about Tyler Stanaland flirtation in 'Selling the OC' trailer

As anticipation builds for the upcoming Season 2 of “Selling the OC,” viewers are abuzz with excitement over the palpable romantic tension between Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland. The recently released trailer for the new season has only added fuel to the fire, showcasing moments of camaraderie and closeness that hint at a blossoming connection.

Within the walls of the Oppenheim Group, where both Hall and Stanaland are colleagues, the dynamic between the two seems to have evolved into something more than professional. The trailer captures them toasting with glasses of wine, sharing warm embraces, and sharing hearty laughs. These glimpses into their interactions have set tongues wagging and rumors swirling about the possibility of a burgeoning romance.

However, not everyone is convinced that their closeness is purely platonic. Co-star Brandi Marshall raises a cautionary flag, suggesting that the interactions between Hall and Stanaland appear overly friendly and perhaps even a touch sloppy. But Hall remains unfazed, brushing off Marshall’s concerns and maintaining that their relationship is simply a close friendship.

This is not the first time that Hall’s interactions with Stanaland have courted controversy. Following the release of Season 1 on Netflix last year, Hall faced criticism for what some perceived as an excessively touchy-feely rapport with Stanaland. At the time, Stanaland was still married to actress Brittany Snow, adding an extra layer of scrutiny to their interactions.

In a September 2022 interview with Page Six, Hall candidly addressed the backlash and expressed that she had no regrets about her behavior. She asserted that if given the chance, she would make the same choices again. Despite the public uproar, Hall stood by her actions and seemingly alluded to a connection that transcended the boundaries of the screen.

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The intrigue continues into Season 2, as the trailer hints at a continued flirtation between Hall and Stanaland. It’s clear that their dynamic remains a focal point of the show’s narrative, even in the face of past criticism.

Interestingly, the saga took an unexpected turn when, less than two weeks after Hall’s interview, Stanaland and Brittany Snow confirmed their separation. While the official reason for their split was not explicitly tied to Hall or the show, insiders suggest that “Selling the OC” may have played a role in exacerbating existing tensions. Snow’s discomfort with the spotlight cast on her relationship may have contributed to the strain.

As events unfolded, Snow filed for divorce four months after their separation announcement. While the divorce marked the end of Stanaland’s marriage, it did not quell the speculation surrounding his relationship with Hall. Despite the public nature of their interactions and the scrutiny they have faced, Stanaland has been spotted spending time with Hall on multiple occasions.

With the eagerly awaited premiere of “Selling the OC” Season 2 scheduled for September 8th, fans are on the edge of their seats to witness the aftermath of previous events. The season promises to delve into the fallout from Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis, two central figures of the show, and further explore the intricate relationship between Hall and Stanaland.

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As the curtain rises on the new season, viewers will undoubtedly be captivated by the evolving dynamics, unforeseen twists, and the undeniable chemistry between Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland. Whether their connection deepens into something more profound or takes a different course remains one of the most compelling narratives of “Selling the OC” Season 2.