Star Plus’ beloved show, Pandya Store, has taken a remarkable leap, captivating audiences with its engaging narrative and unexpected turns. The storyline has propelled itself 15 years into the future, now centering around Natasha, fondly known as Chutki, the daughter of Rishita and Dev. Taking on the responsibility of caring for both Suman and the Pandya Store, Natasha finds herself at the heart of the tale.

Exciting news has just emerged – Shiny Doshi, who portrays Dhara, and Rishita, played by Simran Budharup, are set to re-enter the show. That’s right, you read it correctly!

In the forthcoming episode, viewers can anticipate the return of Dhara and Rishita. The plot takes a fascinating turn as Natasha, determined to safeguard the Pandya Store, experiences a dream where Dhara and Rishita appear, advising her against selling the store.

The ongoing storyline revolves around the intense efforts of Amresh to seize control of the Pandya Store, driven by his ambition to transform it into a shopping mall.”

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