Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah had the time of their lives together at ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’. We would often be graced with photos and fun reels featuring the duo, having a blast in Cape Town, South Africa. However, their camaraderie in many of the reels made fans wonder whether they were dating. But with no official confirmation.

Shiv and Daisy were spotted on a movie outing on Monday. That’s when paps spotted them and they posed for photos. When paps referred to the duo as ‘nice jodi’, Shiv couldn’t stop blushing!


On Monday, Shiv Thakare and Daisy Shah were seen attending a movie together. Paps captured the moment, and the alleged couple even posed for photos. Interestingly, when the paparazzi referred to them as ‘nice jodi’ (great pair), Shiv couldn’t help but blush.

It remains to be seen whether Shiv and Daisy are truly a couple or simply good friends. Fans eagerly await an official statement from them.


In an exclusive chat with, Daisy Shah mentioned how she went about creating the ‘Ghagra’ reel with Shiv during the shoot.

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“It was so random. One fine day, we were having breakfast and Shiv came to me saying ‘Sun, Daisy’. I said ‘What happened?’ He suggested creating a reel on ‘Ghagra’. I looked at Shiv and told him that I didn’t know the lyrics of that song. I informed him that I only knew the main stanza of the song. I and Shiv were listening to the song for 2 hours and by-hearting the lyrics and then we shot it. But imagine we shot the reel in track pants and jeans whereas the song is about a Ghagra,” said Daisy.

The actress further mentioned, “I had one of the great relationships on the show with Shiv and Anjum. I instantly bonded with them. Anjum and I bonded over the girly things. There were times when we would give each other our things. That’s how our bond was created. And then Shiv and I would argue on bematlab ki baatein and we used to have tu-tu main-main. I think that is how we got connected to each other.”