Shoaib Ibrahim’s on-screen appearances may have dwindled, yet the actor remains engaged with his audience through vlogs. In a recent upload, he unveiled details about the first grand feast they organized at their residence following the birth of their son Ruhaan. Moreover, he showcased his fresh haircut, a preparation for an upcoming song shoot.

Within the vlog, Shoaib proudly exhibited his revamped appearance to his fans, eliciting feedback from Dipika. Her acclaim for his transformation was effusive, and in jest, she suggested that he consider coloring his beard. Shoaib, grinning, seemed unconvinced by the idea.

Subsequently, Shoaib shared their plans to host a dinner for Sunny and Saba’s parents, marking the inaugural occasion since their arrival in Mumbai. Their prior commitments had precluded such a gathering. Dipika divulged the menu, an enticing array featuring achari mutton, shahi tukda, and sugar-free sewaiya.

Dipika, feeling a touch of uncertainty due to her prolonged hiatus from the kitchen after childbirth, managed to amaze everyone at the dinner with her culinary creations. This soirée also marked the inaugural substantial gathering since the birth of their son Ruhaan in June. The highlight of the evening was undeniably young Ruhaan, engrossed in jovial interactions with the guests.

The subsequent day ushered Shoaib onto a music video set, offering glimpses of his versatile appearances tailored for the song. The shoot necessitated diverse looks and even included sequences of staged combat. This venture followed his completion of filming for “Ajooni” earlier in the same month.

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Speaking of “Ajooni,” Shoaib’s show met an abrupt demise, a decision surprising even to him. The show was unexpectedly taken off the air by the producers. This revelation came as a shock to Shoaib, who had been anticipating his return to the set following his paternity leave.

Reflecting on the situation in a previous vlog, he shared, “Fate, irony, or the twists of destiny…I covered the celebrations of Ajooni’s 300 episodes in that vlog, and now we’re hearing that the show is being pulled off air. There’s no official confirmation from the production house yet, but it seems likely.”

He continued, “This has been quite shocking for all of us. I had plans to resume filming from August 7th. I was on the brink of embarking on my diet and was discussing with Dipika how I would manage everything.”

In spite of the unexpected twists and turns, Shoaib Ibrahim’s journey continues with optimism and resilience, capturing the essence of his life both on and off the screen.