One Piece Season 1 Ending Explained

In the penultimate episode of One Piece, Arlong wreaks havoc in Coco Village, stamping the spirit out of Nami and burning down her hometown. In the final episode, the crew must confront Arlong once and for all.

Nami’s Backstory

In the opening moments of the finale, Nami’s backstory is fully explained. As a child, she voluntarily enslaved herself to Arlong in order to free her hometown from his tyranny. However, the freedom of her village was bought at a price – 100 million Berry.

The Fight Against Arlong and His Crew

As the crew bands together to defeat Arlong and his crew, Nezumi, corrupt Marine, informs Vice Admiral Garp about the Straw Hat crew’s actions. This leads to the ultimate showdown between the Straw Hats and the Arlong Pirates.

The Final Confrontation

Luffy and Nami face off against Arlong, while the rest of the crew battles with the Fishmen. Luffy’s rubber powers are maximized, ultimately leading to the defeat of Arlong.

Did Arlong Die?

Arlong survives the battle with Luffy, but does not return to the franchise. Whether or not this will be reflected in the live-action show is still unknown.

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Conflict with Vice Admiral Garp

After their victory, the Marines show up and Garp confronts Luffy. They engage in a fight but ultimately come to a mutual understanding.

Renewed Notoriety and Future Obstacles

Luffy receives a wanted poster with a 300,000,000 Berry reward for his capture. His success catches the attention of Captain Smoker, an extremely powerful marine with a deep disdain for pirates. His appearance suggests the direction of season two.