Varun Sood, a well-known face in the Indian entertainment industry, celebrated for his appearances on reality TV shows such as Roadies, Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, and Ace of Space, recently took a captivating trip to Sonmarg in Jammu and Kashmir. While the trip offered picturesque landscapes and unforgettable memories, it also left him with a share of scars and bruises.

Scenic Beauty and Unexpected Adventures

During his sojourn in Sonmarg, Varun Sood couldn’t resist capturing the breathtaking beauty of the region through his camera lens. The pristine landscapes and serene surroundings served as a backdrop for his adventurous escapades.

A Close Encounter with a Horse

In an intriguing social media post, Varun Sood revealed a heart-pounding incident from his journey. He shared a gym photo and disclosed, “Back from the mountains where I earned many scars and bruises, a horse threw me off its back, almost throwing me down a cliff and almost hitting my head on a tree. Back to my happy place.”

Family’s Lighthearted Response

Varun’s family, renowned for their sense of humor, found amusement in the situation. They took to humorously comparing his encounter with the horse to iconic scenes from the Bollywood movie “Welcome.” In a playful spirit, they likened his experience to Majnu Bhai’s artistic depiction of a donkey on a horse and Uday Shetty’s comedic struggle while riding a horse. The family jestingly suggested that the horse must have been bewildered by the presence of a donkey on its back.

Injuries and Hospital Visit

Varun Sood shared another story on social media, providing a glimpse of his hospital visit with his shoulder bandaged. This visual testimony emphasized the extent of the injuries he sustained during his eventful trip.

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Varun’s Humorous Take on Horses

Varun Sood humorously shared his musings about horses, playfully suggesting that horses seem to have a dislike for him, given the mishap he encountered. His fans joined in on the jest, assuring him that horses are unlikely to hold grudges and even jesting that his fall from the horse might have been due to an alleged theft of the horse’s ‘chana’ (food).

Varun Sood’s journey to Sonmarg was undoubtedly filled with adventure, laughter, and a few unexpected twists. While the scars and bruises may serve as reminders of his thrilling escapades, the memories he collected in this picturesque destination will likely be cherished for a lifetime.