YRKKH 12th September 2023 Written Update: Happy Abhira

Akshara Wishes All The Best to Aarohi and Mahima

Akshara informs Aarohi that Abhimanyu has finally agreed to perform the surgery. She expresses her good wishes to Aarohi and Mahima. While comforting the parents of the patient, Akshara hopes that Abhimanyu’s surgical skills will be able to help him overcome his own challenges. To her joy, Abhimanyu arrives for the surgery and assures the couple that he will save their daughter’s life. Akshara is elated with this development.

Kairav Proves Muskaan’s Innocence

Kairav takes Muskaan to a café and shows her Pallavi with her boyfriend, as evidence to support Muskaan’s claims. Muskaan apologizes to Kairav for doubting his trust in her. Kairav shares his disappointment, not expecting Muskaan to doubt him. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu successfully completes the surgery, bringing relief to everyone. Mahima reminds Abhimanyu to be punctual for the next surgery.

An Emotional Moment Between Akshara and Abhimanyu

Akshara and Abhimanyu go to the canteen, where Akshara apologizes for her emotional outburst of breaking the nameplate. Abhimanyu appreciates that she stopped the nameplate from breaking and wants to keep it as a reminder that he is a doctor. Akshara suggests that he meet Manjiri. Abhimanyu agrees to meet her. The Goenkas celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and decide to place the Ganesh idol in the Birla’s house, as Manjiri loves this festival.

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Muskaan’s Apology and Reconciliation

Muskaan publicly apologizes to Kairav, acknowledging her fears and asking the family to give her another chance. Akshara expresses that Muskaan has proven her love for the family through her actions. Manish blesses Kairav and Muskaan, hoping for their happiness. However, Kairav needs time to regain his trust in Muskaan and move past the recent incident. The Birlas also make preparations for the festival, welcoming their guests.

Abhimanyu Encourages Manjiri to Face Her Fears

During the celebrations, Manjiri confronts Abhimanyu and questions why he continues to run away from her. Abhimanyu feels guilty for not being able to protect her. Manjiri claims that she is fine, but he disagrees, knowing that she hasn’t faced her fears. He urges her to confront her fears and perform the aarti with him. The Goenkas meet the Birlas, and Akshara playfully helps Abhimanyu wear a cap, causing him to feel uneasy due to resurfacing emotions. He apologizes and leaves the scene, not wanting to jeopardize his relationship with Akshara.

Akshara’s Plan to Save the Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

The kids accidentally drop the sweets for the aarti, leaving everyone worried about how they will proceed without the sweets. Akshara scolds the kids but quickly comes up with a plan to engage Manjiri in the task, hoping it will help her overcome her trauma. Akshara’s plan works as she helps Manjiri conquer her fears and participate in the aarti. The festivities continue with Abhimanyu and Akshara singing and dancing with everyone. This joyful moment reignites the love between them, leading to a happy embrace.