I am legend will have an alternative ending (Instagram)

I Am Legend 2 is all set to embrace new beginnings

In a surprising turn of events, the highly anticipated sequel, I Am Legend 2, is gearing up to disregard the original movie’s conclusion. Buckle up as we delve into the details surrounding this unexpected narrative twist and discover what the future holds for Will Smith’s iconic character.

I Am Legend 2 is all set to embrace new beginnings

I Am Legend 2 is all set to rewrite history, picking up after the alternate ending of its predecessor. The first movie, centered around Will Smith’s Robert Neville, showcased a gripping tale of survival against vampire-like infected humans known as Darkseekers. While the original ending received its share of acclaim, the alternate ending emerged as a fan-favorite for its profound philosophical touch.

Producer Akiva Goldsman, in an interview with Deadline, offered tantalizing glimpses into the sequel’s plot. Set a few decades after the initial installment, the movie will take inspiration from the original source material by Richard Matheson while also exploring the aftermath of the alternate ending.

Goldsman drew parallels to the popular video game The Last of Us, where humanity’s retreat from dominance prompts a fascinating exploration of the world’s transformation. In a visually captivating portrayal, New York City becomes a symbol of nature reclaiming its dominion. The possibilities are limitless as the sequel dives into a world reshaped by time.

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Diving into the Alternate Ending

The alternate ending of I Am Legend shattered expectations. Instead of succumbing to death, Neville unveils the sentience of the infected alpha male, leading to a poignant realization. Neville recognizes his transformation into a monster in the eyes of the infected, spurring him to abandon his research in search of fellow survivors.

This alternate ending serves as a launching pad for I Am Legend 2, with Goldsman confirming a return to Matheson’s original book and exploring the fascinating implications of humanity’s decline as the planet’s dominant species.

Michael B. Jordan’s addition to the cast further elevates the sequel’s intrigue. With a few decades gone by, the survivors’ colony in Vermont might have witnessed significant evolution, both among humans and Darkseekers. Neville’s journey and his potential discovery of a cure could form the crux of the plot, with a thrilling clash between those embracing or resisting a potential remedy.

Goldsman’s reference to The Last of Us hints at a potential evolutionary trajectory, mirroring the game’s progression from infected to more complex forms. Could the world of I Am Legend witness a similar transformation?