On Wednesday, Mamamia wrote a story on the four worst jobs for mental health.

The article was based on research shared with our daily news podcast, The Quicky, by PhD candidate at the UNSW School of Psychiatry Katherine Petrie, who explained that data shows certain careers can contribute to poorer mental health conditions, and that certain jobs are associated with higher rates of poor mental health and/or suicidal ideation.

The Four Worst Jobs for Mental Health

The top four worst jobs for mental health are doctors, paramedics, police, and firefighters.

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The story was based on research and an interview with an expert on the matter, and after it was published, Mamamia‘s wider community responded. 



Because, let’s face it, there are a lot (a lot) of incredibly stressful jobs out there, and they’re affecting a lot of people. Negatively.

And while they may not have all received a mention in the particular research, those other very stressful, very mentally draining jobs deserve acknowledgement, too.

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Public Response to Worst Jobs for Mental Health

Here’s just a handful of the things our audience had to say about the worst jobs for mental health.

“How are nursing and midwifery not mentioned when nurses and midwives work insanely hard [and with] passion? Often we are the ones who escalate and let doctors know what’s happening, it is SUCH a hard job. We work because we are passionate. And the toll it takes on our mental health can be incredibly significant.”

“I agree with all of those mentioned (my husband is a firefighter). I’m a high school teacher, which is also a very stressful occupation. One of our biggest stresses is that neither of our chosen occupations pays particularly well (particularly teachers who have spent four years at university), so we cannot afford to live in or close to the area we service. Our commute is 30 minutes.”