The Trauma Recovery Project at the HeartMath Institute

Dr. Jorina Elbers is a pediatric neurologist and researcher specializing in chronic stress and trauma. She has an impressive background, having previously served as an assistant professor at Stanford University and is currently the director for the Trauma Recovery Project at the HeartMath Institute, a reputable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Expertise in Trauma-Sensitive Programs

Dr. Elbers has developed five trauma-sensitive programs, including The Resilient Heart. This is a trauma-sensitive HeartMath certification program designed specifically for healthcare practitioners. Her expertise extends beyond research and academia as she also serves as an advisor for the implementation of trauma-informed care practices in Santa Cruz County.

Understanding the Effects of Stress and Trauma

With her background in neurology, Dr. Elbers understands the correlation between chronic stress or trauma and common medical symptoms such as chronic headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness, and fatigue. She recognizes that traditional medical therapies often fall short in addressing these issues. To provide comprehensive care, she operates a private holistic, integrative neurology practice.

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A Committed Professional and Personal Life

Outside of her professional accomplishments, Dr. Elbers leads a fulfilling personal life. She resides in Santa Cruz with her husband and two sons, which allows her to have a deeper understanding of the local community’s needs and concerns.