Bank of India IFSC Codes Bihar

District Name Branches
Adampur (dist. Bhagalpur) 1
Aghara (dist. Jamui) 1
Ahiyapur (distt. Muzaffarpur) 1
Ajwan (dist. Patna) 1
Aliganj (habibpur) 1
Aran (dist. Saharsa) 1
Araria (bihar) 1
Arrah , Bihar 2
Arwal 1
Aurangabad 2
Bagaha (paschimi Champaran Bh) 1
Bahadurpur (dist.arwal) 1
Baheri 1
Baidrabad (dist.arwal) 1
Bakhtiarpur (distt.patna) 1
Bangaon (dist. Saharsa) 1
Banka 2
Bankatta Chowk (dist. Madhubani) 1
Banmankhi 1
Barauni 1
Bariaria (dist. East Champaran) 1
Bariyarpur (distt Munger) Bh 1
Basuki Behari (dist. Madhubani) 1
Baunsi (distt Banka) Bh 1
Bedauli (dist. Darbhanga) 1
Begusarai 5
Bejha 1
Benipur 1
Bettiah Dist Muzaffarpur 1
Bhabuau (bh) 1
Bhadaula (dist. Kaimur) 1
Bhagalpur 10
Bhagwanpur (district Vaishali) 1
Bhagwanpur (distt Muzaffarpur) 1
Bhaisahwa 1
Bharwari (dist.mazaffarpur) 1
Bhasar Machhaha (dist. Sitamarhi) 1
Bhawanipur (dist. Bhagalpur) 1
Bhelwa (dist. Saharsa) 1
Bhimpur (bihar) 1
Bhitha (dist. Sitamarhi) 1
Bhitha More (distt Sitamarhi) 1
Bihar Sharif 4
Bihariganj 1
Bihia 1
Bihta (bh) 1
Bikramganj (dist. Rohtas ) 1
Binodpur (dist.katihar) 1
Bisaul (district Madhubani) 1
Bodh Gaya (dist. Gaya) 1
Bramhpur (distt Buxar) Bh 1
Buxar 2
Champaran 1
Chandaur (dist. Saharsa) 1
Chanpatia (bihar) 1
Chapra 2
Chhapra 1
Chorma (district East Champaran) 1
Dalsinghsarai (bh) 1
Danapur (bh) 1
Daranagar (dist. Rohtas) 1
Darbhanga 9
Dariyapur Chainpur (dist. Patna) 1
Dehri On Sone 2
Desari 1
Dheevar (dist. Patna) 1
Dhekha Sirsa (dist.east Champaran) 1
Dighwara 1
Dumra 1
Dumraon ( Bihar) 2
Fatehpur (dist. Gaya) 1
Fatwah 1
Forbbesganj (bh) 1
Gamharia 1
Gaya, Bihar 5
Gerabari 1
Gethaura (dist. Katihar) 1
Gogri Jamalpur (distt Khagaria) Bh 1
Golma (district Saharsa) 1
Gopalganj 4
Gopalganj (bihar) 2
Gorakhari (dist.patna) 1
Hajipur 3
Hathouri (dist. Muzaffarpur) 1
Haveli Kharagpur (dist.munger) 1
Hisua (bh) 1
Jadia 1
Jamalpur (dist. Munger) 1
Jamuhar (bihar) 1
Jamui 4
Jhajha (distt Jamui, Bihar) 1
Jhanjharpur (bh) 1
Jibdhara (dist. East Champaran) 1
Kailgarh (dist. Siwan) 1
Kamdeopur (dist. Banka) 1
Kanti Thermal Power (dist. Muzaffarpur) 1
Kasba Sangameshwar (mh) 1
Katihar 4
Katoria (dist Banka) 1
Kauwa (dist. Samastipur) 1
Kendui (dist.gaya) 1
Kewas Jagir (dist. Samastipur) 1
Khagaria 1
Khagaria (bihar) 1
Khagaul 1
Kharahara (dist.banka) 1
Kishanganj (bihar) 1
Kochas (bihar) 1
Koshila (dist. Gaya) 1
Kunriya (dist. East Champaran) 1
Lagma (distt. Darbhanga) 1
Lakhisarai 1
Lalbagh ( Bihar) 1
Laufa (distt Madhubani) 1
Lauriya Basmatta (dist. Banka) 1
Lawapur Narayan (dist. Vaishali) 1
Madhepura 2
Madhuaha Birit (dist. East Champaran) 1
Madhubani 7
Maharajganj 1
Mahdah (dist. Buxar) 1
Mahraurh (dist. Rohtas) 1
Mairwa (distt Siwan) 1
Maker (dist Saran) 1
Makhdumpur (dist. Arawali) 1
Maner 1
Manjhaul ( Begusarai Dist ) 1
Masaurhi 1
Mirganj (dist-gopalganj) 1
Mohadi 1
Motihari 2
Motipur (dist. Supaul) 1
Mow-bazidpur (dist Samastipur) 1
Munger 2
Muzaffarpur 14
Nalanda 5
Naubatpur (dist Patna) 1
Nawadah (bihar) 1
Nirmali 1
Nisarpura (dist. Patna) 1
Nokha 1
Paigambarpur Kolhua (distt. Muzaffarpur) 1
Parora(bihar) 1
Parsa Bazar (dist Saran) 1
Parsauni (bh) 1
Parwaha (dist.sitamarhi) 1
Patna 34
Patna City 3
Piplawan (dist.patna) 1
Pirari (dist. West Champaran) 1
Piro (bh) 1
Punaura (distt Sitamarhi) 1
Purbi Champaran 1
Purnea 1
Purnia 3
Radhanagar (dist. Supaul) 1
Rafiganj (dist. Begusarai) 1
Rajakharwar (dist. Darbhanga) 1
Rajgir (bihar) 1
Ramgr (dist. Bhabhua) 1
Ramkishunpur (dist. Samastipur) 1
Rampur (dist.saran) 1
Rauna (dist. Gaya) 1
Raxaul (bihar) 1
Riga 1
Rohtas 1
Rohtas (dist. Rohtas, Bihar) 1
Rosera (distt. Samastipur) 1
Runisaidpur(bihar) 1
Sagahi (dist. Gaya) 1
Sagarpur (dist. Jehanabad) 1
Sahadullapur (dist. Vaishali) 1
Saharsa 3
Sahdeokhap (dist. Gaya) 1
Sahsaram (dist. Sitamarhi) 1
Sakra (dist. Muzaffarpur) 1
Sakri Saraiya (distt Muzaffarpur) 1
Samastipur 3
Saraiya (muzaffarpur) 1
Saran 1
Saran (bihar) 2
Sarthua (dist. Jehanabad) 1
Sasamusa 1
Sasaram 1
Sehuka (dist. Bhabhua) 1
Seohara 1
Shahpur(bihar) 1
Sheikhpura (bh) 1
Sheikhpura Kadim 1
Sheohar (bihar) 1
Simari Bakhtiyarpur 1
Simrahi Bazar 1
Sisaura (dist. Bhabhua) 1
Siswan-chainpur (dist. Siwan) 1
Sita Mau (m.p) 1
Sitamarhi 1
Sitamarhi (bihar) 4
Siwan 6
Sonbarsa Raj (dist. Saharsa) 1
Sonepur 1
Sono Dumri (dist. Jamui) 1
Sonpura (dist. Saharsa) 1
Sowan (dist. Bauxar) 1
Sujawalpur (dist. Muzaffarpur) 1
Sukul Pakar (dist.east Champaran) 1
Sultanganj (bh) 1
Supaul 5
Supauli (bh) 1
Suryagarha(bihar) 1
Tajpur (bihar) 1
Tarapur 1
Tek-niwas (dist. Saran) 1
Titra (dist. Siwan) 1
Triveniganj (dist. Supaul) 1
Ukhai Bazar (dist. Siwan) 1
Usewa (dist. Gaya) 1
Vaishali 3
Vyapur 1
Wazirganj 1

*Working hours vary. Banks are shut on 2nd and 4th Saturdays and all Sundays of the month.

IFSC code is allotted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to all banks and its branches. The IFSC code of a bank can be commonly found on a bank account passbook, cheque leaf issued by the bank or on the RBI website. Any kind of fund transfer through a bank requires a valid IFSC. The different types of fund transfers are NEFT, RTGS and IMPS.


How to find Bihar Bank of India NEFT, RTGS and IMPS codes?

You can find Bihar Bank of India NEFT, RTGS and IMPS codes in the table alongside. Bank of India NEFT, RTGS and IMPS code is same as IFSC code and used in net banking. Details including address and contact numbers of branches of Axis Bank with IFSC code in Chhattisgarh are also provided.

What is an IFSC code?

IFSC is short for Indian Financial System Code and represents the 11 digit character that you can usually see on your bank’s cheque leaves. The IFSC code helps to transfer money using RTGS, NEFT or IMPS method. The first 4 digits of the IFSC represent the bank and last 6 characters represent the branch. The 5th character is zero.

What do digits in IFSC code mean?

This 11 character code helps identify the individual bank branches that participate in the various online money transfer options like NEFT and RTGS. The IFSC code helps to transfer money using RTGS, NEFT or IMPS method. The first 4 digits of the IFSC represent the bank and last 6 characters represent the branch. The 5th character is zero.

What is MICR code?

MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition which is a technology used in the banking industry in printing the MICR codes. A MICR code is a 9-digit code that uniquely identifies a bank and a branch participating in an Electronic Clearing System (ECS). The first 3 digit of the code represents the city code, the middle ones represent the bank code and last 3 represents the branch code. One can locate the MICR code at the bottom of a cheque leaf, next to the cheque number.

What is cheque number?

A cheque number is a 6-digit number uniquely assigned to each cheque leaf. It is advisable to check i.e. count and check the number on each cheque leaf in a new cheque book when you receive it from the bank.

Where is the MICR number on a cheque?

A MICR number on the cheque is written at the bottom of the cheque, on the right-hand side of the cheque number.

How many IFSC codes are there in Bihar?

Bihar has a total of 348 offices across the state. There are 219 districts in Bihar.