• Ancient Temple at Manasbal Gandarbal

    Ancient Temple at Manasbal Gandarbal

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Ganderbal, like the rest of the Kashmir Valley, has witnessed many vicissitudes and experienced many upheavals from time to time. No significant ancient building or archaeological site is found in the district today, except for the Naranag temple, as most of the ancient architectural monuments in the area were destroyed during the rule of Sultan Sikander. What must have once been magnificent architectural show pieces are now in grand ruins.

Ganderbal District is a district in the Indian administered state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is bordered by the Srinagar district in the south, Bandipore to the north, Kargil in the northeast, Anantnag to the southeast and Baramulla in the southwest.

The Sind River, a major tributary to the Jehlum River flows through this district. The water of the river is mainly used for irrigation, and generation of hydroelectricity. There are three hydroelectric power stations, Lower Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project Ganderbal, Upper Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project 1st Kangan and Upper Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project 2nd Sumbal generating electricity on the Sind River.

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