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Poonch Jammu & Kashmir Tourism

Poonch (also referred to as Punch) is a town and a municipal council in Poonch District in the Indian administered state of Jammu and Kashmir. Based on the Mah?bh?rata evidence, and the evidence from the 7th-century Chinese traveler Xuanzang, the districts of Poonch along with Rajauri and Abhisara were under the sway of the Republican Kambojas during epic times.

The climate of Poonch is somewhat cooler than the rest of the Duggardesh plains. Summers are short and usually pleasant. The summer temperature generally does not rise above 31C. Winters are cool and characterized by rainfall due to western disturbances. Snowfall is uncommon but may occur, as in December 2011. Rainfall is 669 millimetres (26.3 in) in the wettest months.

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