Kolkata’s Song Bird’s Tribute to Frida

Fan-girling is kind of fun, each and every celebrity who makes our heartbeats go faster have enjoyed being someone’s fangirl. Kolkata’s singing sensation who always stayed different in her approach towards art and everything else in the society expresses her fangirl self finally. Soumita is not only an ace international singer and a good playback singer in Tollywood the songbird is a skilled painter who’s artwork caught the media’s eye.

Soumita experiments a lot on fusion art with the mixed medium this time she joins Artverse’ Group’s exhibition where her painting catches the spectator’s eyes. Soumita’s fan following is not unacquainted with the fact that she is an ardent fan of Painter Frida Kahlo. She pays tribute to Frida by painting a picture that can be treated a portrait of Frida in a style where the detailing is done by word writing.

“ A lot of people tried to draw a connection of the background with a particular foot club’s flag design, I had no other option but had to express it all. The green depicts the prosperity of her art while the blood-red shade is her personal life that never gave her the space to heal”

The song bird’s art was appreciated by ace painters Wasim Kapoor, Jogen Chowdhury, Tapas Konar, and renowned filmmaker Leena Gangopadhyay.