Situated atop Shah Dongar Hill, 12 kilometers from Ahmednagar lays the tomb of Salabat Khan II, the famous minister of the fourth Nizam shah, Murtaza who ascended the throne in 1565. The tomb structure is visible from miles across the plains which spread 900 feet below the monument. The three-storey structure is made of solid stone and is octagonal in shape. Sunlight plays on the tomb thought the day, streaming through slanted apertures in the vault.

Mistaken many a times as the Palace of Chand Bibi by the locals, the structure marks a respect to the great statesman, who was appointed minister in 1579, after the half-mad Murtaza put to death his regent, Changiz Khan, in a fit of suspicion and rage. Salabat Khan was respected and loved by the people of Ahmednagar.


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