In a significant move to prioritize the welfare of veterans and the families of deceased personnel, the Indian Army has introduced ‘Project Naman.’ This initiative aims to establish facilitation and grievance redressal centers across the country, providing vital support to those who have served and their bereaved families.

What ‘Project Naman’ Entails:

  1. Delhi Cantonment Takes the Lead: The first of these crucial centers will soon be established in Delhi Cantonment, setting the stage for nationwide implementation.
  2. Partnerships for Progress: The Directorate of Indian Army Veterans, Adjutant General Branch, has joined forces with HDFC Bank Limited and CSE e-Governance India Limited to make ‘Project Naman’ a reality. This partnership reflects the commitment to honoring and assisting our veterans.
  3. Facilitation and Grievance Redressal: ‘Naman’ centers will serve as facilitation and grievance redressal hubs for army veterans and the next of kin, ensuring their concerns and issues receive the attention they deserve.
  4. Comprehensive Services: These centers will offer a wide range of government-to-customer services, simplifying access to essential benefits and assistance.
  5. Pensioners’ Account Updates: ‘Naman’ goes further by facilitating the updating of pensioners’ accounts on the SPARSH Portal, ensuring that veterans, next of kin, and dependents receive the support they are entitled to.
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Phase II Expansion:

In the next phase of ‘Project Naman,’ an additional 13 centers will be established in various military stations across India. This expansion reflects the commitment of the Indian Army to comprehensively address the needs of veterans and their families, providing them with the care and support they deserve.

‘Project Naman’ stands as a testament to the nation’s gratitude and commitment to its brave soldiers and their loved ones, ensuring that their welfare remains a top priority.