Bengaluru, a sprawling metropolis in India, grapples with a staggering challenge: approximately 1,400 million liters of sewage water are generated in the city every day. Astonishingly, only a mere 1% of this colossal volume of wastewater is recycled and repurposed. This stark reality poses a critical concern for a city confronting severe groundwater depletion and heavy dependence on the Cauvery River for water supply.

Pioneering Wastewater Transformation

Addressing this pressing issue, Boson White Water, a pioneering water technology company headquartered in Bengaluru, has undertaken an ambitious mission. Co-founded by Vikas Brahmavar and Gowthaman Desingh, the firm is on a determined path to curtail water wastage by ingeniously converting Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) wastewater into pristine, high-quality drinking water.

The company’s focus lies in collaborating with IT parks, malls, and residential communities to minimize wastewater waste and facilitate its recycling.

A Vision Set in Motion

Vikas Brahmavar, armed with an Electronic Engineering background, embarked on a remarkable journey. Having spent time working with an investment bank in the UK, he returned to India in 2008 with a resolve to provide untreated water to rural regions and schools. However, upon delving into India’s urban water crisis, Brahmavar recognized a fundamental flaw in the approach to evaluating water availability.

He observed, “In other countries, the assessment revolves around a city’s population, water outflow, and fresh water sources. In India, we often overlook the volume of water leaving the city.”

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Unlocking the Potential of Recycled Water

The challenge extends to apartment complexes as well. Under the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board’s (KSPCB) ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ policy, every apartment in Bengaluru is mandated to manage treated water responsibly. Nonetheless, many apartments lack avenues to discharge their surplus treated water, and even those equipped with STPs utilize only a fraction for non-potable purposes.

Boson White Water strategically tackled this issue, devising an 11-stage Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) filtration process. Through this advanced system, they recover and transform wastewater into water of potable quality, adhering to IS 10500 standards. Since their inception in 2014, the company has successfully reclaimed an astounding eight lakh liters of water daily, totaling a remarkable 75.5 crore liters over the years.

Repurposing Recycled Water

Yet, the concept of consuming recycled STP water remains met with skepticism among the public. As a result, Boson has pivoted its approach, offering the recycled water to industries. While the water is indeed safe for consumption, the hesitance persists. Vikas Brahmavar shared, “We’re selling the recycled STP water to industries as a substitute for fresh water. Sectors such as laundry, cooling towers, boilers, and plastic industries are now benefiting from our recycled water.”

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This innovative step underscores Boson White Water’s adaptability in its pursuit of sustainable water management solutions.

In conclusion, Boson White Water stands as a testament to the ingenuity that drives Bengaluru’s tech landscape. By transforming wastewater into a valuable resource, the company contributes not only to water conservation but also to the broader discourse on responsible resource utilization in an urbanizing world.