Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 Passed by the Lok Sabha
Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 Passed by the Lok Sabha

The passage of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 by the Lok Sabha is indeed a significant development for India’s digital landscape. This bill is designed to address the growing concerns surrounding data privacy, security, and misuse of personal information. Here are some key points to highlight about the bill:

  1. Data Protection Board (DPB): The bill establishes the Data Protection Board, which will be responsible for enforcing the provisions of the law and addressing issues related to data misuse.
  2. Data Protection Officer (DPO): Every company dealing with user data is required to appoint a Data Protection Officer. The DPO will be the point of contact for users and will ensure that the company complies with data protection regulations.
  3. Transfer of Personal Data: The central government is empowered to regulate the transfer of personal data outside India, aiming to ensure that citizens’ data remains protected even when transferred abroad.
  4. User Consent: The bill includes provisions related to obtaining user consent, especially for the processing of data of children and physically disabled individuals with guardians. Consent managers may also be licensed to handle user consent processes.
  5. Data Breach Reporting: Companies are required to report any data breaches to the Data Protection Board and affected users.
  6. Penalties: In case of data breaches, non-compliance, or failure to report breaches, companies could face substantial penalties, which can go up to Rs 250 crore.
  7. Cross-border Data Transfer: The bill empowers the central government to restrict cross-border data transfers to countries or territories outside India.
  8. Appeals Mechanism: The Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal will hear appeals against decisions made by the Data Protection Board.
  9. Transparency and Accountability: The bill emphasizes transparency and accountability in the processing and handling of user data.
  10. Global Comparison: The data protection laws in other countries vary, but this bill positions India as actively focusing on safeguarding digital rights and privacy.
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This bill is expected to bring about a significant shift in how companies approach data privacy and protection. It aims to establish a secure and transparent digital ecosystem that respects user privacy and holds companies accountable for their data handling practices.

What is The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023?

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 aims to keep people’s personal information safe and private. It creates a special group called the Data Protection Board (DPB) to handle problems with data being used wrongly and will be responsible for enforcing the law.

As the bill moves forward and becomes law, companies operating in India will need to adapt to the new regulations and ensure that their data processing and storage practices are in line with the prescribed guidelines. The bill’s passage reflects India’s commitment to strengthening its digital data protection framework and creating a safer environment for its citizens in the digital age.