Former Navy Commodore Mr. Manoj Bhuraria celebrated the launch of his inaugural book, “How Our Children Brought Us Up,” with a heartfelt event held at Radisson Bhopal on September 10, 2023.

Launching of the book – “How Our Children Brought Us Up”

The launch event witnessed the presence of a distinguished chief guest, Mr. Rasheed Kidwai, a highly regarded Indian journalist, accomplished author, and renowned political analyst. Mr. Kidwai praised the book in his address, expressing his profound admiration for the way the story unfolds and takes an emotional turn. He revealed that he was captivated from the very beginning.

Adding to the significance of the occasion, Dr. Farah Kidwai, an expert in interpersonal relations, leadership effectiveness, and personnel selection, also graced the event along with Mr. Janak Bhatt who’s a Creative Director, Storyteller and a Poetry enthusiast and Mr. Pradeep Karambelkar who is known for his remarkable contributions to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Madhya Pradesh, both of them playing crucial roles in the making of this remarkable book. They shared their insights and perspectives on the books themes, further enhancing the events depth and relevance.

Mr. Janak Bhatt hosted a Fireside chat with Mohit and Mansi Bhuraria

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The launch ceremony was attended by a host of guests, including close friends, family members, and colleagues.

“How Our Children Brought Us Up” takes readers on a profound journey through the complexities of parenting and highlights how the presence of children can shape our lives in profoundly positive ways.

Mr. Bhurarias book promises to be a source of inspiration and insight for readers seeking to explore the transformative power of parenthood and the enduring impact children have on our personal growth.