New Delhi: A groundbreaking agreement has been unveiled during the G20 Summit, where India, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the European Union jointly announced their plans to launch an extensive shipping and railway corridor spanning from India to the Middle East and Europe. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the stage to reveal this ambitious endeavor, accompanied by US President Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia’s Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, and key leaders from the European Union. This marks a historic milestone, as it is the first of its kind, uniting nations for a cooperative effort on connectivity and infrastructure. The consortium includes India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the EU, France, Italy, Germany, and the US.

PM Modi, addressing the audience after the announcement, extended a warm welcome and expressed his delight at co-chairing the event with President Biden. He remarked, “Today, we bear witness to the culmination of a momentous and vital agreement. In the days to come, this initiative will serve as a dynamic conduit for economic integration between India, South Asia, and Europe.”

At the Bharat Mandapam venue of the G20 Summit, PM Modi emphasized that this mega-deal is set to provide sustainable direction to global connectivity and sustainability. He offered his congratulations to all the leaders involved in crafting this connectivity corridor.

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“Strong connectivity and robust infrastructure serve as the bedrock of human civilization’s progress,” asserted PM Modi, underscoring India’s unwavering commitment to these principles throughout its developmental journey. He also noted that, in addition to physical infrastructure, significant investments have been directed towards social, economic, and financial infrastructure.

PM Modi elaborated, “Through these endeavors, we are laying a robust foundation for a flourishing India. As a dependable partner, India has spearheaded infrastructure projects in diverse sectors, encompassing railways, energy, and technology partnerships, fostering collaborations with nations across the Global South. We have placed particular emphasis on a demand-driven and transparent approach.”

Further emphasizing the importance of respecting sovereignty and regional integrity, PM Modi contended that fostering connectivity between different nations not only bolsters commerce but also nurtures trust among them. He stated, “We firmly believe that enhanced connectivity among nations not only amplifies trade but also nurtures mutual trust. As we champion connectivity initiatives, it is imperative that we adhere to fundamental principles, including adherence to international rules and profound respect for the sovereignty and regional integrity of all nations.”