Renowned Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientist N Valarmathi, known for her iconic voice that led the launch countdown for Chandrayaan-3 and several other rocket missions, has sadly passed away due to a cardiac arrest. Her voice had been the backdrop of various significant space missions, with the Chandrayaan-3 mission being her final countdown announcement for ISRO.

The 64-year-old scientist reportedly passed away on Saturday evening in Chennai, as a result of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Dr. PV Venkitakrishnan, former director at ISRO, expressed his condolences on X (formerly known as Twitter), acknowledging that Chandrayaan-3 marked Valarmathi’s last countdown before her untimely demise. He wrote, “The voice of Valarmathi Madam will not be there for the countdowns of future missions of ISRO from Sriharikotta. Chandrayan 3 was her final countdown announcement. An unexpected demise. Feel so sad. Pranams!”

On social media, users paid tribute to the accomplishments and contributions of the ISRO scientist. One user remarked, “Her voice marked the commencement of a remarkable historic journey for the nation. She will always be remembered for her role in the iconic moments of Indian space achievements. May her soul rest in peace and her family find strength.”

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Another user expressed surprise and sorrow, writing, “I noticed her absence during the #AdityaL1 launch. I thought she might be out of the office or something. But I didn’t expect this sad news. I’ll really miss her. Om Shanti.”

A sentiment of sympathy and support echoed among many users, with another user stating, “Very sad to hear this news. May her soul rest in God’s foot peacefully. My humble prayers to God to give strength to her family for the GREAT LOSS.”

Valarmathi’s final project, Chandrayaan-3, equipped with the Vikram lander and Pragyan rover, was successfully launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on July 14. It accomplished a successful landing on the lunar surface on August 23, making India the fourth country to achieve a lunar touchdown and the first to reach the uncharted south pole of the Moon’s surface.