If you are a professional planning to upskill, making course decisions on multiple EdTech platforms can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s now a solution – Careervira, a cross-platform EdTech marketplace, helps you make learning and upskilling decisions for online courses across 50+ EdTech partners on a single platform.

Careervira – world class learning for professionals

Careervira, founded by a team of ex-Googler, Vijay Singh, Head of Product Sales at YouTube, Singapore and bay-area engineers, is helping professionals upskill with the best learning choices. Now, you can make learning decisions from over 40K+ courses across tech, finance, and management categories. Careervira has aggregated over 3,800+ courses for AI & Data Science, 18,500+ courses for IT & Software, 1000+ courses for Accounts & Finance and over 6,000 Management courses.

Whatever your career objective, you are sure to find a course on Careervira that ideally aligns with your professional goals. Careervira.com helps professionals make better learning decisions with their proprietary analytics and recommendation engine called “CV Take”(CVT), providing information on course credibility, pedagogy, hands-on training, career impact, and pricing.

Careervira.com provides 70+ key decision-making inputs to search and compare from amongst top global courses. You can make your course decision based on EdTech partners, skills, course, price, and learn-type. Moreover, this marketplace offers the lowest price guarantee on 40% of all courses and provides a 1-week free trial/look-in option for more than 50% of the courses.

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Simply explore Careervira marketplace platform today and make faster & better learning decisions. Careervira provides quality upskilling & professional education choices from Indian and international partners, including certifications, bootcamps, executive education, and online degrees. From esteemed institutes like MIT, Harvard, IITs, IIMs or top partners like Coursera, Udacity, EdX, Pluralsight, Emeritus, Whizlabs, Skillshare, CFI, Future Learn, Eduonix, Google and many more at your fingertips.

About Careervira

Careervira.com is a global EdTech marketplace platform live across all English markets and has already expanded to 148+ countries. With over 40K+ courses from 50+ global partners across tech and non-tech domains, Careervira.com is India’s largest EdTech marketplace. Founded by Vijay Singh, an ex-Googler – Head of Product Sales at YouTube, Singapore. Careervira is backed by a team of 40+ professionals spread across India, US, and the UK.