Record-Breaking Thiruvathira Dance: 7,027 Women in Kerala Set World Record
Record-Breaking Thiruvathira Dance: 7,027 Women in Kerala Set World Record

In a magnificent display of unity and cultural celebration, Kerala’s Kudumbashree, an all-woman network, has etched its name in history by orchestrating a massive Thiruvathira dance performance at Kuttanellur Government College. A staggering 7,027 members of Kudumbashree came together on the college grounds to partake in the traditional Thiruvathira group dance, marking an extraordinary achievement that has now found a place in both the Limca Book of Records and Talent Record Book. Notably, the organisers are also contemplating submitting their feat to the esteemed Guinness Book of World Records.

Thiruvathira dance, a captivating form of expression, is typically showcased during the joyous occasion of Onam in the Malayalam month of Chingam, and occasionally in the month of Dhanu.

The mesmerizing spectacle of the mega ‘Thiruvathirakali’ has captured the admiration of spectators and enthusiasts alike. The sheer number of participants played a pivotal role in cementing its place in record books. The event itself was a true testament to the power of unity and cultural preservation.

The opening ceremony of the event was graced by the presence of K Rajan, the Revenue Minister, who lauded Kudumbashree as an embodiment of women’s empowerment. He commended the organization’s pivotal role in promoting women’s welfare and its distinction as the world’s largest women’s network. The district’s Onam festivities were organized in collaboration with the Tourism Department, district administration, and the city corporation.

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The grand Thiruvathira performance, which unfolded for 10 mesmerizing minutes, enthralled a captivated audience, encapsulating the spirit of tradition, unity, and celebration.