Lucknow, September 3, 2023 – The Uttar Pradesh government has taken decisive steps to expedite the digital crop survey across the state. Officials have been directed to efficiently carry out the survey in all villages under the supervision of district magistrates (DMs), adhering to specific timelines. The government aims to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and planning through this digital initiative.

Streamlining the Survey Process

In pursuit of efficient execution, officials have been mandated to ensure that each surveyor completes assessments for 1,500 plots per month or 2,250 plots within a span of 45 days. In addition, the government has set an ambitious goal to complete the survey within the next 15 days for 10 revenue villages spanning 54 districts.

Progress Report and District Leaders

Recent presentations by the Agriculture Department to Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra revealed that the digital crop survey has been successfully concluded in 21 districts, with ongoing efforts in the remaining 54 districts. Mirzapur emerges as a leader, with the highest number of plots surveyed, totaling 2,607. Other districts following suit include Pratapgarh (2,543), Sultanpur (2,370), Jalaun (2,047), Jhansi (2,027), and more.

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Mirzapur also shines by conducting the survey in a maximum of 17 revenue villages. This progress signifies the state’s dedication to adopting digital technology to streamline survey procedures.

Enhancing Agricultural Planning with E-Surveys

During the review of the digital crop survey, Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra highlighted the integration of digital technology to simplify and enhance the survey process for revenue officials. The e-survey, known as ‘e-Khasra,’ leverages digital tools for accurate and real-time data collection.

Chief Secretary Mishra emphasized the substantial benefits of e-surveys, including the ability to make informed decisions ahead of time regarding crop production estimates. He noted that these accurate insights contribute to planning and increase the agricultural sector’s GDP in the district.

A Step Toward Informed Agricultural Growth

The implementation of digital crop surveys in Uttar Pradesh underscores the state’s commitment to harnessing technology for informed agricultural decision-making. By streamlining survey processes and leveraging real-time data, the government aims to drive efficient planning and elevate the agricultural sector’s contribution to the economy.