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Hina Shah is an Indian Entrepreneur. She began her career in 1976 in the plastic packaging industry, and since then has become a prominent speaker, writer, academician on Entrepreneurship and Micro-Small-Medium Enterprise Development. She piloted a innovative development strategy in 1980, called Entrepreneurship Development program, conducted for 25 women of Gujarat, of which 16 women established their non-traditional businesses, and are still in business today. Having begun her own Institution called ICECD (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development) in 1986, ICECD has expanded its scope of work to over 4000 villages of Gujarat, 21 states of India and has worked in over 55 countries of the world.

Hina Shah has won numerous awards in her career, including the Stree Shakti Award by the President of India, Pratibha Patil for her contribution in the field of economic development of the country, the Bharat Jyoti Award, the Titan Be-More Legend title, as well as the Best Project Award from the Project Management Institute.In addition to this, Hina Shah is a painter, a classical odissi dancer and a tennis player.

Hina Shah’s relentless efforts to change the face of the deprived, dependent women of rural India created a noteworthy impact. Rural women – working at a measured and contended pace, some are working at their small vending-trading shops, some manufacture garments; spices; leather/Rexene products and packing boxes in their small work places, and some are busy providing services like cycle repair. They go back home in the evening, with INR 50-500 profit in their hands: quite a substantial sum for them.

Hina Shah’s commitment became instrumental in initiating and institutionalizing Women Economic Empowerment strategy in countries like Zambia, Bangladesh, Lesotho, Botswana, Cameroon, Malaysia, Philippines, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Ivory Coast, St. Kitts, and many others spanning the continents of Asia, Africa, Pacific and the Caribbean. By the year 2008, the Women Economic Empowerment strategy has been taken to over 60 countries. ICECD has also brought in organizations/trainers from 54 countries to India in their international training programmes for dissemination of the Women Economic Empowerment Development (WED) strategy and for demonstration of the output of the strategy.

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