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Rajat Sharma is the founder of the Indian Hindi news channel India TV.[1] Rajat Sharma Shows Hosted: Breaking News, Aap ki Adalat.Rajat Sharma, 49, is Chairman and Editor-in Chief of India TV. , he was one of the youngest Editors in the print media at the national level.Next, he managed the rare transition to the job of a celebrity-presenter. Thanks to Mr. Sharma’s distinctive style, Aap Ki Adalat is one of the most respected interview shows ever on Indian television. Besides its enviable guest list and memorable exchanges, 'aap ki Adalat' is a benchmark for incisive-yet-polite interviewing. It has been a channel driver on three channels, first Zee, then Star Plus and now India TV. Now in its 13th year, Mr Sharma’s show continues to set standards on journalisitic stamina, ratings and audience satisfaction.

Third, Mr Sharma has been able to scale up his corporate, Independent News Service, to the level of a strong, mainstream news channel. The transition represents his bridging the gap from a manager-entrepreneur into being an entrepreneur-manager.

India TV has completed eight year of commercial operations. In this short period, under Mr Sharma’s leadership, the channel has created benchmarks in responsible reporting and a fresh approach to news…indeed, India TV’s stings have inspired talk shows, Bollywood films, BBC documentaries and even Amul hoardings!

Breaking News at India TV has also been a subject of ridicule among many people for its sensational but baseless news which many people find funny at times. These stories are mostly focused on Hindi speaking population. Taking unfair advantage of people's cultural believes, such stories misrepresent information to public just to gain popularity.Rajat Sharma Shows Hosted: Breaking News, Aap ki Adalat

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