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Suraiya Jamaal Sheikh (15 June 1929 - 31 January 2004) was a singer and actress in Indian films in the 40s and 50s, and was popularly known by her first name Suraiya.


Suraiya made her debut as a child artist in Usne Kya Socha (1937). She got a prominent role as a child artist with the help of her uncle Zahoor, who was then a popular villain actor. During a holiday from school in 1941, she accompanied him to Mohan Studios to see the shooting of the film Taj Mahal which was being directed by Nanubhai Vakil. Vakil noticed Suraiya and not having in his mind at that time any particular young girl to play the role of young Mumtaz Mahal in Taj mahal, selected Suraiya to play that role.

Music director Naushad once heard Suraiya's voice on All India Radio while she sang for a children's program, and chose her to sing as a 13 year old for Mehtaab in Kardar's film Sharda (1942).

As an adult, Suraiya initially played secondary roles in K. Asif's Phool (1944), Mehboob Khan's Anmol Ghadi (1946), which was written by Aghajani Kashmeri also Kashmiri, and Dard (1947). She got a break as a heroine for the film Tadbir (1945) at the recommendation of K. L. Saigal, who liked her voice during a rehearsal. She went on to costar with Saigal in Omar Khayyam (1946) and Parwana (1947).Although by then she had a couple of hit songs,but the four solo songs which she sang in Parwana made her a genuine singer star. She considered Composer of these songs, Khawaja Khurshid Anwar as her favorite Music Director for whom she sang just thirteen songs during 1943 to 1949. More opportunities arose for Suraiya after reigning actresses Noor Jehan and Khursheed Bano migrated to Pakistan following the 1947 partition of British India.

Personal life

Suraiya was romantically involved with actor Dev Anand. The two of them costarred in six films between 1948 and 1951. During the shooting of a film, a boat capsized and Dev Anand saved Suraiya from drowning. She fell in love with him, but her grandmother opposed the relationship. Suraiya remained unmarried all her life.

Suraiya lived in her apartment on Marine Drive in Mumbai until her death in 2004 at age 75.

She was interred at Badakabarastan in Marine Lines, Mumbai.

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