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Faridkot district is one of the twenty-two districts in the state of Punjab in North-West Republic of India. According to Punjab's Geo-Area, Faridkot is a Malwa district. It is one of the biggest cotton markets in South-East Asia. The name 'Faridkot' is derived from Baba Farid, a god-lover who wanted see the God. Faridkot was feudlist province under British rule, but now it is a district in Punjab in independent India. Few part of District Moga & Mukatsar were also taken from Faridkot.

The Faridkot district contains a number of small towns. More than 7 villages are quite notable in Faridkot area. Faridkot is a hub for premier educational institutions. North India's only Medical University, also named after Baba Farid is in Faridkot besides Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges. Faridkot majority population is dominated by Jatts.

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