• Mandir Shri Khatu Shyam Ji, Sangrur

    Mandir Shri Khatu Shyam Ji, Sangrur

Sangrur Punjab Tourism

Sangrur is a city in the Indian state of Punjab, India. It is the headquarters of the Sangrur district. It is located at the intersection of the roads connecting Jalandhar with Rewari and Chandigarh with Bathinda, at a distance of 77 km from Ludhiana and 58 km from Patiala. The Ludhiana-Jakhal railway line passes through it. The Sangrur district was earlier predominantly rural area in the southern part of Punjab. Now its running with high glance educational and international business spot.

The earliest settlement at the site of Sangrur is believed to have begun around 2,300 B.C. Attracted by the fertile soil and availability of water, people from Sindh and Balochistan started moving and following the path of the Satluj or the Ghagger settled at Rohira. They started living in thatched huts on the virgin soil, before long they started building houses of sun-dried bricks. By about 2,000 B.C, a new set of people is believed to have settled at the site. Their pottery was more Surdy and their equipment superior. The houses were well laid out and were fairly spacious. Sangrur is said to have been founded by one Sanghu, a Jatt, about four hundred years back.

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