What are the main physical differences between white and black rhinos?

Both living in Africa, the white and the black rhinoceroses have several main differences in physical appearance.

And it’s not their colour, which is normally dark grey for both species.

Body shape
White rhinos, who are long, imponent and barrel-shaped, and can weigh up to 2,300 kg, are larger than the black ones, who are shorter and more compact with a maximum weight of about 1,200 kilograms.

Mouth shape
White rhinos are grazers and have flat and broad lips whereas black rhinos feed on leaves and branches and possess a pointed lip in the shape of a hook.

Horn length
White rhinos usually have a longer front horn and a much shorter second horn. Black rhinos have shorter front horns than white rhinos, but the second horn is just slightly shorter so that the two horns are more similar in length.

White rhinos’ ears are tubular and very long, while black rhinos have smaller and rounded ears.

ebharat Asked question February 17, 2022