The worldwide magnetism of Lionel Messi’s transition to Inter Miami has propelled Major League Soccer (MLS) into a new realm of global viewership. With a surge in quality and an upswing in viewership, MLS has not only captivated North America but has also unfurled its appeal to international shores, including India.

Embracing the fervor, a groundbreaking move has unfolded, reshaping the way Indian fans experience MLS excitement – the unveiling of a momentous 10-year broadcasting partnership between Major League Soccer and Apple TV in early 2023.

The Apple TV Broadcasting Accord

A revolutionary stride in broadcasting has been taken with the unveiling of a transformative 10-year partnership between Major League Soccer and Apple TV at the dawn of 2023. This collaboration has unlocked a gateway for the global streaming of MLS matches, ensuring that fans across India and beyond can savor every electrifying moment live. For a front-row seat to the action, all that’s required is an MLS Season Pass, exclusively available on the Apple TV app.

Exhaustive Coverage

Empowered by the MLS Season Pass, fervent viewers in India are bestowed with the privilege of immersing themselves in the entirety of MLS matches, spanning from pulsating regular-season encounters to the pinnacle of playoffs. This all-encompassing pass guarantees that no heartbeat of the pitch goes unnoticed. Across the United States, the drama unfolds through Fox/FS1 and Fox Deportes, beaming 34 regular season duels, eight playoff showdowns, and culminating in the grand MLS Cup final. Across the northern border, Canadian enthusiasts can partake in the spectacle through TSN and RDS, relishing 68 regular season clashes.

Affordable Subscriptions

For those hankering for a taste of the MLS action, the cost of an MLS Season Pass subscription on the Apple TV app stands at INR 1,299 per month over the course of the season or an attractive INR 7,900 for the entirety of the season. An extra perk awaits Apple TV+ subscribers, who can seize this experience at a special value, with subscription rates set at INR 1,199 per month or INR 6,900 per season. Additionally, the privileges extend to each full-season ticket account holder, bundling a subscription to the coveted MLS Season Pass. Apple TV’s Family Sharing feature ushers in camaraderie, enabling up to six family members to bask in the spectacle via unique Apple IDs and passwords.

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As the MLS story unfolds on global screens, India claims a front-row spot, igniting a new era of soccer passion that transcends borders and brings the captivating game closer to the hearts of its ardent enthusiasts.