The Indian Men’s Hockey Team Shines with a 12-2 Win over Oman

The Indian men’s hockey team showcased an outstanding performance with a stunning 12-2 victory against Oman at the Men’s Asian Hockey 5s World Cup Qualifier in Salalah, Oman, on Wednesday.

India vs Pakistan: A Close Battle with Pakistan Emerging Victorious

In a thrilling match against Pakistan, the Indian team fought hard but unfortunately went down 4-5. The game kicked off with Pakistan dominating possession, and Ahtisham Aslam (2’) took advantage of India’s defence with a reverse hit, scoring an early goal. Despite India’s attempts to regain momentum, goalkeeper Ali Raza made a crucial save and initiated a counter-attack, leading to Aslam (3’) doubling Pakistan’s lead. Zikriya Hayat (5’) intercepted the ball, thwarting Maninder Singh’s efforts to hold the ball in the middle, and took a long shot, scoring another goal for Pakistan. Gurjot Singh (12’) managed to score India’s first goal, capitalizing on an attack from the right flank. However, Rehman Abdul (13’) found the back of the net just before halftime, leaving India trailing by 1-4.

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A Strong Comeback by India

In the second half, India started with determination to overcome the deficit. Yet, Pakistan continued to pose a threat from the left, keeping India goalkeeper Suraj Karkera on his toes. Maninder Singh (17’) received a well-executed long pass and struck a reverse hit, scoring India’s second goal. Soon after, Mohammad Raheel (21’) combined with Pawan Rajbhar deep in Pakistan’s half, adding another goal for India and increasing pressure on the opposition. However, Pakistan’s captain, Abdul Rana (26’), struck a reverse hit, extending his team’s lead just when India had hopes of equalizing. In the dying minutes, India earned a late challenge, which Maninder Singh (29’) successfully converted. However, Pakistan played skillfully, keeping possession until the final whistle, sealing a close victory.

A Dominant Win Over Oman

Prior to the match against Pakistan, India displayed their offensive prowess with a commanding 12-2 triumph over Oman earlier in the day. The game commenced with Mohammed Raheel (2’), who was named the Player of the Match against Bangladesh, demonstrating his attacking skills right away. Goals from him and Jugraj Singh (3’) established India’s dominance. Mohammed Raheel (9’) and Pawan Rajbhar (9’, 10’) further exposed Oman’s defensive weaknesses, granting India a comfortable 5-0 lead at halftime.

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India Continues to Dominate in the Second Half

In the second half, despite Oman’s counter-attacks, Maninder Singh (16’) quickly responded to regain India’s five-goal advantage after Fahad Al Lawati (16’) pulled one back for Oman. Rashad Al Fazari (18’) capitalized on another counter-attack, scoring Oman’s second goal. However, Pawan Rajbhar (21’) extended India’s lead to 7-2. Maninder Singh (23’, 26’) completed his hat-trick with two rapid goals, followed by late goals from Jugraj Singh (28’), Sukhvinder (29’), and Mohammed Raheel (30’). These goals secured a dominant 12-2 victory for India.

Next Challenges Await: Malaysia and Japan

India will face the next tests of their journey in the tournament against Malaysia and Japan on Thursday.