Mandeep Singh: The Crafty Operator on the Pitch

Meet Mandeep Singh, one of the key players in the Indian hockey team. On the pitch, he is known for his skill and agility, but off the field, he is a humble and friendly character that puts everyone at ease. His infectious smile always accompanies him, but don’t let that fool you. Once Mandeep steps on the turf with his hockey stick, he becomes a lethal force to be reckoned with.

A Standout Player

Mandeep’s adaptability, ability to articulate, and eagerness to learn sets him apart from his peers. Coaches have recognized his talent, and he has been a consistent choice for the Indian hockey team in major tournaments for the past six years. Despite the constant changes in coaching staff, Mandeep remains a constant presence in the forward line.

The Praise from Coaches

Craig Fulton, the current chief coach of the Indian hockey team, is a huge admirer of Mandeep’s skills. He describes him as a fantastic player, a great teammate, and a good leader. Mandeep’s fitness, strength, and goal-scoring ability make him an invaluable asset in the team. Fulton is thrilled to see Mandeep playing at his best and believes he adds a lot of value to the team.

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A Quiet Contributor

Unlike some of his teammates who thrive on making their presence felt, Mandeep prefers to stay in the background and focus on his job. He emerged from the renowned Surjit Singh Hockey Academy in Jalandhar, where many other talented players have also honed their skills. Mandeep’s ability to find gaps in the striking circle and his game awareness make him a formidable opponent. He has contributed significantly to the team’s success, scoring an impressive 184 goals in 218 appearances for India.

Mandeep’s Role in the Team

As a center forward, Mandeep takes his defensive responsibilities seriously. He understands the importance of teamwork and passing between the forwards to create scoring opportunities. Each coach brings a different playbook, and Mandeep has had to adapt his style of play accordingly. Under former coach Graham Reid, the team focused on an aggressive full press attack, while Fulton emphasizes a more defensive half-court press to minimize defensive gaps.

A Shift in Role

Under Fulton’s coaching, Mandeep has been given a slightly different role as a center forward. At the recent Asian Champions Trophy, he showcased his versatility by playing in a V-shaped press. Instead of playing up front, Mandeep stays at the back to trap the opposition player, steal the ball, and launch a quick counterattack. This strategic shift has added a new dimension to Mandeep’s game.

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As Mandeep continues to excel in his role with the Indian hockey team, he proves to be an invaluable asset. With his skills, adaptability, and willingness to learn, he will undoubtedly make more significant contributions to the team’s success in the future.