2m metro watch Spain defeat England in Women's World Cup Final

Even without the Matildas in play the FIFA Women’s World Cup has drawn a bumper audience for Seven.

2.00m metro viewers watched Spain defeat England 1-0 last night, just shy of Saturday’s play-off with Matildas v Sweden.

There were 720,000 viewers in Sydney, 579,000 in Melbourne and 285,000 in Brissy. Total TV numbers, with Regional and BVOD, will be confirmed this afternoon.

That left other networks up against it but The Block held up brilliantly at 778,000 topping entertainment, with a huge lift Total TV numbers for last Sunday.

Restoration Australia was 337,000 while 10 baulked at competing, with a replay of The Dog House at just 161,000.

Later 60 Minutes was 360,000 then Bay of Fires (245,000) -still seeing a big spike in Total TV numbers.

Seven network easily won Sunday with 51.7%, then Nine 24.1%, ABC 10.0%, 10 8.7% and SBS 5.5%.

Seven News won with 960,000.

Nine News was 840,000 with a late edition at 226,000. A Parky! special drew 198,000.

ABC News pulled 483,000. Compass (138,000) and The Beast Must Die (77,000).

On a low night The Sunday Project was best for 10 at 212,000 / 189,000 then 10 News First 177,000 / 157,000. FBI managed just 92,000.

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On SBS it was SBS World News (143,000 / 85,000), a Colosseum double (64,000), Amazon: The Lost World (41,000),

Border Security on 7mate led multichannels at 119,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Bay of Fires: 838,000
The Traitors: 448,000
The Block: 1.52m
The Voice: 1.43m
60 Minutes: 768,000
Restoration Australia: 733,000
7News Spotlight: 875,000