Apple has released the developer beta of iOS 15.4, with the ability to unlock an #iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask.

Apple has trained new algorithms to recognise users based on their eye region when wearing a mask. This enables users to unlock their iPhone using Face ID — without putting their mask off or using alternatives such as passcodes or their Apple Watch.

Users get the option to set up using Face ID with a mask when they boot their iPhone running iOS 15.4 for the first time. Alternatively, the feature can be enabled after booting with iOS 15.4 by toggling on the option called ‘Use Face ID With a Mask’ that is available under Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

Mask support was first spotted by YouTuber Brandon Butch. On the screenshot, you can read Apple’s explanation about this feature:

“Face ID is most accurate when it’s set up for full-face recognition only. To use Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone can recognize the unique features around the eye to authenticate.”

Face ID works better with glasses on iOS 15.4

Apple: Unlock an iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask
Face ID works better with glasses on iOS 15.4

You don’t need to wear a face mask during the set-up. This means that the experience of enrolling for a Face ID with a mask is similar to how you normally enrol for the facial recognition technology.

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Apple has also designed the feature to work with glasses. However, you are recommended to separate enrol for your glasses when setting up a Face ID with a mask. You can use up to four pairs of glasses with each enrolled appearance.