The CS:GO collector’s community is abuzz with excitement as news spreads across Twitter about the emergence of the world’s #2 pattern M9 Bayonet Blue Gem. Boasting a unique 601 seed pattern, this latest addition has swiftly overtaken its predecessors, securing the title of not only the rarest but also the most coveted variant of the Case Hardened M9 Bayonet skin.

Within the realm of CS:GO’s collector’s market, Blue Gems stand out as highly coveted skins. Distinguished by its 601 pattern and a remarkably low float, this new M9 Bayonet flaunts an enchanting blue exterior, setting it apart from its golden and rusty counterparts.

Intriguing Details of the Knife

Enthusiasts of the game and collectors alike have been left astonished as the bids for the freshly unboxed #2 pattern M9 Bayonet Blue Gem kick off at a staggering $90,000 (₹ 74,30,629.50). Such an astronomical starting bid underscores the dedication of collectors willing to go to extraordinary lengths to acquire this exceptional skin.

This newfound M9 Bayonet of admiration possesses a Paint Seed value of 601, coupled with a minimal wear float of 0.09799913316965. These attributes elevate it to the status of the #2 M9 Blue Gem in the CS:GO market, making it one of the most extraordinary and elusive knives worldwide. The true rarity of the 601 Case Hardened Seed lies in its astonishing 92% spotless blue blade finish, presenting an exceptionally pristine incarnation of the Blue Gem series.

While various iterations of the Blue Gem Case Hardened are available, the unparalleled blue coverage bestowed by the 601 seed variant renders it the pinnacle of desirability within the market. It’s only natural that with a starting bid of $90,000, the knife’s worth could potentially escalate significantly if its owner chooses to retain it rather than part with the cherished possession.