Bangalore, India – On September 5, E-commerce giant Flipkart announced a groundbreaking leap into the metaverse with the introduction of “Virtual Worlds,” a cutting-edge immersive shopping experience set to redefine online retail. Designed to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, Virtual Worlds will be seamlessly integrated into the Flipkart app, offering users access to dynamic 3D-rendered metaverse environments where they can interact with a multitude of brands and explore products.

Emulating the feel of physical stores, Virtual Worlds enables Flipkart customers to embark on gamified web journeys while engaging with products. The immersive shopping experience is available in two distinct formats: brands can create customized Virtual Worlds within the Flipkart app to captivate and involve shoppers, or they can opt for a ‘co-tenancy’ arrangement within Flipkart’s own Virtual World, known as Flipverse.

“Brands can establish 3D stores for standout discovery, inspiring purchases, and rewarding customers through gamification, thereby crafting a distinct brand image,” affirmed Flipkart in a statement.

In addition to this groundbreaking offering, Flipkart has unveiled its ‘Laptops Virtual Showroom,’ an innovative feature that immerses buyers in an interactive environment where they can explore and evaluate laptops like never before.

Ravi Krishnan, Head of Flipkart Labs, commented on this pioneering development, stating, “Brands now have the opportunity to virtually present their unique characteristics, forging closer relationships with customers. The co-tenancy feature within Flipkart’s Metaverses allows brands to present a variety of products in a shared 3D space, setting the stage for the future of shopping.”

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Flipkart Labs has exciting plans on the horizon, with multiple new Virtual Worlds set to launch in the lead-up to the festive season. The company also hinted at a ‘special opportunity’ for brands to enable users to explore products in 3D on Flipverse during the festive period, although further details were not disclosed.

To create these groundbreaking Virtual World experiences, Flipkart is collaborating with Bengaluru-based Web3 platform Layer-E, a move that underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and reshaping the online shopping landscape.

“Flipkart Labs enables the Virtual World experiences in collaboration with brand-facing teams within Flipkart, including the Ads & Category teams, and a key external tech partner – Layer-E. Layer-E builds immersive infrastructure for Web3 commerce with global brands and creators, as well as art, media, and entertainment IPs,” stated the company.

Flipkart’s unwavering commitment to leveraging emerging technologies, including 3D, augmented reality (AR), blockchain, and generative AI, reflects its dedication to enhancing the shopping experience for its massive user base of 450 million. The company’s forward-thinking approach has been evident for several years, with the introduction of 3D and AR features in 2021 and subsequent innovations like beauty and makeup try-ons within the app. Flipkart made waves with the pilot launch of Flipverse last year, achieving the largest ecommerce metaverse activation globally, with users from 2,300 cities streaming 20,000 hours of content to explore products virtually in an immersive fashion.

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As Flipkart pioneers the fusion of metaverse technology and e-commerce, it sets a new benchmark for online shopping, promising a more engaging and interactive experience for its millions of users.