Google ropes in former Apple executive Sreenivasa Reddy as India public policy head

In a strategic move to navigate the intricate landscape of Indian tech regulations and mounting antitrust challenges, Google has welcomed a familiar face into its ranks. Sreenivasa Reddy, a former executive with both Samsung and Apple, has been appointed as the head of public policy for Google in India. This significant hire comes a year after the abrupt departure of Archana Gulati, the former public policy head, who left her role just five months into her tenure.

Google’s Vision for India

Reddy, who publicly expressed his admiration for Google’s dedication to innovation and its mission to make information universally accessible and useful, is set to steer Google’s public policy efforts in the subcontinent. He acknowledges Google’s pivotal role in India, from making internet access more affordable through Android to providing digital skills training to millions, all contributing to India’s digital transformation and the creation of a sustainable and inclusive digital economy.

India’s Digital Potential

In Reddy’s view, India is standing at a critical juncture in its digital journey, poised to become a global leader in the digital economy. With a youthful and burgeoning population and a rapid embrace of new technologies, the country holds immense potential. However, Reddy is also mindful of the challenges that lie ahead, including the need for an equitable digital transformation, safeguarding user privacy and security, and harnessing the local talent to drive tech innovation.

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Reddy’s Impressive Career

Before joining Google, Sreenivasa Reddy served as Microsoft’s head of XR (extended reality) regulatory affairs for the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region for two years. He also held the position of senior director for mixed reality engineering, focusing on devices and technology. Prior to his tenure at Microsoft, Reddy spent three and a half years as Apple’s head of regulatory affairs in India and five years heading Ericsson’s government and industry relations in the country.

India’s Digital Transformation

Michaela Browning, VP for Government Affairs and Public Policy at Google, emphasized the significance of India’s ongoing digital transformation. The country’s internet economy is projected to reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2030. With a considerable number of new internet users—approximately 100 million—joining the online world in recent years, India represents a vital source of innovation and learning for Google.

A Shared Vision for Inclusive Growth

Browning believes that India offers vast untapped potential for expanding internet access and fostering sustainable and inclusive growth. With a burgeoning base of consumers and businesses embracing digital technologies, Google is eager to collaborate and support India on its journey towards greater digital inclusion.

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In a swiftly evolving digital landscape, Google’s decision to bring Sreenivasa Reddy on board underscores the company’s commitment to navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by India’s dynamic tech ecosystem. With Reddy’s wealth of experience and Google’s dedication to innovation, this partnership holds the promise of a bright future for digital innovation in India.