Google, the tech maestro, is on the brink of unveiling its much-anticipated Pixel 8 series. Slated for an October 4 release during the annual Made By Google event, whispers of its colour variants have already found their way to the tech grapevine.

Pixel 8 Pro: A Class Apart

The Pixel 8 Pro is sure to make a grand entrance. My Smart Price, a reputable tech website, has disclosed that the Pro variant will flaunt three stylish shades: Black Obsidian, Porcelain, and the soothing Sky Blue. A continuation from its predecessor, the Pixel 6, this smartphone is expected to sport the iconic visor-shaped camera module. This isn’t the only delight for photo enthusiasts; a triple-rear camera setup paired with an LED flash is also in the offing.

Pixel 8: Elegance Meets Functionality

H2: Pixel’s Palette for 8 Series

Shifting focus to the standard Pixel 8, users will have the luxury of choosing from Black Obsidian, the understated Grey, and the vibrant Peony Rose. Packed within its elegant facade, this phone will feature a dual-rear camera ensemble. Interestingly, this too will be housed on the signature visor-shaped module, ensuring that aesthetics and functionality march hand in hand.

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A Powerhouse of Performance: Tensor G3 Chipset

Under the hood, both devices are rumoured to be empowered by the formidable Tensor G3 chipset. The buzz in tech circles suggests this chipset will be crafted with a fresh 9-core CPU layout. For users, this translates to blistering speeds and an impeccable performance—upholding Google’s reputation of delivering powerhouse devices.

Mark Your Calendars for Pre-orders

For those eager to get their hands on this tech marvel, pre-orders kick off on October 5. This revelation was made earlier in the month by the Mountain View, California-based tech behemoth. Given the hype surrounding the Pixel 8 series, fans would be wise to act quickly and secure their device of choice.

In conclusion, Google’s Pixel 8 series is not merely an upgrade; it’s a testament to the company’s unyielding commitment to innovation, design, and functionality. With the colour variants and features now in the limelight, October 4 can’t arrive soon enough for tech aficionados.