HMD Global, the company behind Nokia phones, made an exciting announcement on Wednesday, revealing the revival of the iconic Nokia 2660 Flip phone, now available in two vibrant shades: Pop Pink and Lush Green. This reintroduction of the classic flip phone addresses the surging interest in contemporary feature phones among Gen Z and Millennials.

The resurgence of the Nokia 2660 Flip comes as a response to the increasing demand for a digital detox, with HMD Global observing a remarkable twofold rise in flip phone market share year over year (2021 vs. 2022). The company anticipates further growth in 2023, reflecting people’s desire to disconnect from their smartphones and reconnect with their communities.

Ravi Kunwar, Vice President for India and the APAC region at HMD Global, expressed, “We’ve all experienced those moments when a meaningful life event was overshadowed by a distracting notification. This is precisely why we are re-introducing the Nokia 2660 Flip in India – with the intention of recapturing these cherished and significant life instances.”

The Nokia 2660 Flip, originally unveiled in 2007, boasts a classic clamshell design, sporting a rear camera that captures Y2K-style retro photos. Its extended battery life can endure for weeks, and the device offers only SMS and call functions, making it the perfect choice for a digital detox. To enhance the nostalgic experience, the beloved Snake game has also been resurrected. With a 2.8-inch display and a user-friendly interface, navigation remains effortless.

Starting August 24th, the new Nokia 2660 Flip phones will be available for purchase in India, priced at Rs 4,699. Enthusiasts can acquire them through Amazon and Nokia’s official website, with sales commencing at noon on Amazon. As the allure of vintage tech captivates modern consumers, the Nokia 2660 Flip stands as a testament to the enduring charm of well-crafted classics in the ever-evolving world of mobile technology.