While the release of the sequel to GTA 5 is still uncertain, fans have been exploring creative mods that bring sci-fi elements to the game. These mods offer a fresh experience and transform the way GTA 5 is played. Here are five of the best sci-fi mods for GTA 5 in 2023:

5) Sci-Fi Hover Bike: This mod introduces a futuristic hover bike that resembles the popular Oppressor MK II. With invisible wheels that create a hovering effect, the bike features machine guns, homing missiles, a rocket boost, and a glider. Its detailed design includes animated exhaust, speed dials, lights, and damage effects.

4) Cyberpunk Delorean DMC-12: Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, this mod adds a Cyberpunk-themed Delorean DMC-12 to GTA 5. The car can fly, is equipped with weapons, and offers various abilities. Players can enjoy a ride similar to the Imponte Deluxo in GTA Online, but in the offline mode.

3) Homelander V1 from THE BOYS W/ Cloth Physics: This mod brings Homelander, the anti-hero from Amazon Prime’s series “The Boys,” into GTA 5. Players can experience Homelander’s abilities, including flying at high speeds, throwing objects effortlessly, and shooting destructive laser beams from his eyes. The mod even allows players to grab NPCs during combat.

2) Alien Invasion 1.0: Alien Invasion 1.0 is a mod that pits players against an invading army of aliens in Los Santos. Created by ModMaverickX, this mod offers intense battles against extraterrestrial forces. Players can use in-game weapons to fight off the alien invasion, providing an exciting and chaotic experience.

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1) GrandCyberPunk: Considered the best sci-fi mod for GTA 5 in 2023, GrandCyberPunk transforms Los Santos into a futuristic utopia. Created by OlegTemple, this ambitious mod completely changes the city’s appearance, reminiscent of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City. The cityscape is filled with neon signs, modern architecture, and a captivating ambiance that is especially enchanting at night.

These sci-fi mods provide GTA 5 players with a diverse range of experiences, from futuristic vehicles and weaponry to battling alien invaders and exploring a cyberpunk-inspired cityscape.