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A story of love, deceit, deception, hatred and bloodshed, Kahani Chandrakanta Ki takes you back to an era filled with exciting, but chilling royal secrets, bold strategies and mind games of the Maharajas, their brilliant Pandits and their mystically skilled and powerful Aiyars.

Kahani Chandrakanta Ki is a tale of two rival kingdoms, Chunargadh and Shivgadh, which, though set on the opposite sides of a river and uncommon directions, slowly gives rise to one of the most exhilarating stories of Love ever told! Kuvar Indrajit Singh, the son of the mighty King of Chunargadh, Maharaja Virendra Singh and the Queen with angelic beauty personified, Maharani Chandrakanta, finds his everlasting love interest in Kishore, the daughter of the evil King of Shivgadh, Maharaja Shivdutt and his elegant Queen wife Maharani Kalavati.

As a sneak peek into the unforgettable rivalry, we learn that Maharaja Shivdutt had lost his Kingdom of Chunargadh and his evil control over Princess Chandrakanta in a tactfully fought battle to Kuvar Virendra Singh. Maharaja Shivdutt fled Chunargadh after his shameful defeat, only to return years later with a desire for vengeance and to recapture the Kingdom. He is now the ruler of Shivgadh and has a beautiful daughter Kishore.

Shivgadh has its loyals in Pandit Jagannath and Badrinath amongst others. Panditji is the Master of Kutniti or alternate strategy and is a practitioner of Astro-numerology. He uses his skills on Ramal (dice board) to predict strategies and consequences for Maharaj Shivdutt and his well being. Badrinath is one of the most powerful warriors of Shivgadh and an ardent follower of the King. Nayantara, a female Aiyar, known for her skills of Morphing, helps Badrinath in achieving his aim of protection of the Kingdom.

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