MTV Roadies 9 details

MTV Roadies 9

MTV Roadies 9

MTV Roadies is a youth-based popular reality television show on MTV India.
When asked about the show, executive producer said, "Roadies has travel, adventure, drama, touch of voyeurism..."

The selected Roadies are provided with Hero Karizma bikes to travel on a pre-decided route. Each episode features a vote-out at the end in which the Roadies eliminate one of their fellow Roadies by an anonymous vote, thereby decreasing the number of Roadies carrying on with the journey. However there are some episodes in which Roadies can get immunity and hence can not be voted out. Each episode consists of number of tasks or challenges which the Roadies have to perform. These can be either "Money tasks" or "Immunity tasks". By successfully completing the "Money tasks", the Roadies add cash to their account while in "Immunity tasks", the team or roadie which wins gets Immunity. Such a team or roadie is safe from vote-out i.e its members cannot be voted-out in that particular episode. The tasks are either team-based or individual-based. The Roadie who survives till the end is declared the winner and walks away with the total cash accumulated by performing the money tasks.

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