Located in Aligarh city, one of the oldest cities of Uttar Pradesh, Naqvi Park is one of the most popular and most visited parks of the city. Also known as Rajkeey Udhhan Jawahar Park, the park is well-known for its lush green surroundings and fountains that intensify the beauty of the park. The park also houses walking paths and playgrounds that attract the old as well as children, as well as a plant nursery open for sale.

Being a popular spot among couples and locals of Aligarh, the Naqvi Park is an often crowded site. Common morning and evening sightings include meditators and joggers. The park’s vegetation, along with the fascinating sight of the birds attract most visitors. With frequent photoshoots occurring in the park, the peacock is one of the most common bird on the park premises. On the whole, Naqvi Park attracts tourists and photographers throughout the year.

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