Sikandra is located at a distance of four kilometers from Agra. The most important place here is the tomb of Akbar. Its construction work started by Shovay Akbar. This mausoleum is the finest blend of Hindu, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Jain art. But even before its completion Akbar has died. Later his son Jahangir completed it.Jahangir made several changes to the original plan. Seeing this building shows how Mughal art developed. Humayun’s tomb at Dilnali, then Akbar’s tomb and finally the Taj Mahal, Mughal art has continued to evolve.

Alexander was named after Alexander Lodi. There are three storied towers at the four corners of the mausoleum. These minarets are made of Lala Pattidhar on which beautiful marble work has been done. In the beautiful parts around the mausoleum, among which is the Barmani palace, which was built by Alexander Lodi. There are several mausoleums in the middle of Sikandra to Agra and two Kos Minarets. The beauty of this five-storied mausoleum remains intact even today.

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